Johnny Depp Fails in Mortdecai, But Wins With Personal Style

Johnny Depp stars in Mortdecai, which is set to be released this Friday. In anticipation for his latest role, we are looking at Johnny Depp’s fashion through the years as he’s gone in and out of vogue. Lately Depp’s roles have been a complete turn off, especially when compared to the glory days of Edward Scissor Hands and Pirates of the Caribbean––also known as when he was still the subject of teenage lust.

Mortdecai is looking like a disaster, with Depp bumbling on screen like an idiot for 106 minutes. It’s becoming a common theme for Depp to play a dummy on the silver screen, evident in his recent roles in Into The Woods, The Lone Ranger, and Dark Shadows. The pattern of nonsense is painfully apparent. God, help this man get back to acting.

Besides acting, Depp has always been fashionable, setting trends and dating top models. Off screen he is still a fashion icon.

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