12 Days of Valentine’s: Flowers According to Paris Couture

Designers showed that flowers are still the language of love at Haute Couture Week and with Valentines Day on the horizon, Fashion One is talking floriography for day two of our 12 Days of Valentine’s Special. Each flower has it’s own language and it’s integral to choose the right flower for the right date. Whether you are in a serious relationship, married, or casually dating, we’ve got the right flower for you.


Lavender stands for solitude and admiration, making this the perfect flower for the independent woman who doesn’t like surprises or anything too fancy. Keep lavender in mind for the people in your life that you respect and are grateful for.


Roses signify love, but each color conveys a different type––so choose wisely. Red roses mean pure love, while white stands for innocence and secrecy. Yellow roses are beautiful but stand for friendship, so watch out!


Hibiscus are often thought of as the flower of Hawaii, but it’s significance comes from its meaning of memory. These flowers say, ‘remember the good times’ to your other half. This is the perfect flower to choose to accompany a photo album of memories with the love of your life.


A single red tulip is a declaration of love and should be given to show dedication. A yellow tulip lets your significant other know that you see their smile as a ray of sunshine. Tulips are playful and lighthearted, so stay away from them if you are trying to make a bold statement.


Orchids have many meanings, but they are most known for representing beauty and refinement. They are often found miraculously growing in extreme conditions in the wilderness. Give an orchid to let your loved one know that despite the world around you, your love is still beautiful.

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