Beyonce VS Beck At The Grammys: Who Wore it Better?

At the 57th Annual Grammy Awards on Sunday night, Beck went home with album of the year, but not without Kanye pulling another prank. Back in 2009, when Taylor Swift won the Grammy, Kanye rushed to the microphone to tell the world how Beyonce should have won. This year he acted as if we were going to have deja vu. It made the world really consider, what makes the album of the year? How can you measure Beck’s talent against Beyonce’s?

Beck has been able to sprawl out across most genres and is considered a major maverick in the music industry. Beyonce on the other hand has consistently made hit after hit in the same genre. Their style of musicianship may only intersect, but never run parallel. That intersection comes through in their fashion. They both play big pop idols who wear flamboyant stage attire that is at the height of fashion.

Who wears the telltale signs of being the true winner of album of the year? Find out by flipping through the slideshow.
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