Paparazzi Reflective Clothing For the Poor and Not Famous

If the paparazzi are on to your game and you need to hide from those shutters look no further, Betabrand has what you’ve been looking for. Betabrand has developed a highly reflective fabric made of tiny glass beads, similar to safety gear worn by rescue teams, for the famous and camera shy.

The brand has started a crowd funding initiative to make suits, hats, scarves and even moonboots made with the special fabric available to the public at reasonable prices. The line is being called ‘Flashback’ and has been developed to maintain style and practicality.

In the past, the company has brought innovative ideas such as the chef pants, the audio engineer’s hoodie and the 360 reversible dress. The company is based in San Francisco and continues to deliver wearable tech in the most cutting edge city on the planet.

Betabrand is taking preorders on their website now, but will only make and charge you for the garments if their crowdfunding goals are met. The cheapest way to hide your face is with their Flashback Halo Hat at $40.
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