17-Year-Old Molly Bair is Out of this World! Alienesque is the New Modelesque

Molly Bair is just 17-years-old but has become a huge player in the fashion world over the last six months. At this year’s New York Fashion Week Bair walked for Alexander Wang and Public School, while just two weeks ago she starred in Karl Lagerfeld’s Chanel Haute Couture show as the bride.

Bair recalls to CNN being in New York at a flea market and being approached by an agent from The Society Management. At the time she believed it to be a scam but after a quick Google search, she was headed back to New York with her mother to the agency’s office.

At 6’ 1” Bair has been called a praying mantis and gangly by her peers. "I still kind of resemble a 13-year-old boy," she joked. Her tall physique and alienesque face, however, is winning even the toughest hearts in the fashion industry.

The future looks bright for Bair as she continues to book editorials and runways from Proenza Schouler, Prada and Giambattista Valli––as well as for Vogue Italia, W Magazine and a campaign for the American brand Coach.

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