John Travolta Wears a Choker and Guyliner to the Oscars

John Travolta is a nice man with huge talent, a big heart, a sad story, and a funny sense of style. Tonight on the red carpet at the Academy Awards, Travolta showed up wearing all black with a chain collar from the late nineties instead of a tie. How he has fallen this far from his Saturday Night Fever days? We’ve been asking for decades.

John Travolta on the red carpet.

Travolta’s hair was immaculately manicured and looked thicker than usual. E! is claiming the man wore guyliner and foundation as well. John Travolta is 61-years-old and deserves a couple of breaks. Maybe he does look like he belongs in Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, but he is a living legend and there is no more fitting way for a walking giant than to look unreal.
Blaine  Fuller
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