Iggy Azalea Is ‘Cool’ With Papa John’s Now

Iggy Azalea tried to escape Papa John’s pizza delivery fan boy one afternoon after ordering a pizza and cheese sticks. The results led to her personal phone number being given out to the over excited fan’s family members. Azalea responded by tweeting about compensation or a lawsuit being filed. Azalea said she doesn’t find breach of personal information funny and she takes it very seriously, despite her funny retelling of the story.

The celebrity admitted on the Seacrest Show that she was being overly dramatic and the issue is now resolved. “Everyone's trying to give me free pizza, but I don't want free pizza! This isn't about free pizza!" the rap superstar said in her 6 minute Papa John’s rant. She said her favorite pizza in the world used to be Papa John’s, until she recently became a VIP Pizza Hut customer.

Photo courtesy of Iggy Azalea via Instagram.

2015 has been a little rocky for Iggy with her quitting Twitter, bashing humanity, and making questionable hair decisions. We’re happy that she has resolved at least one issue.
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