Kim Kardashian Defends North West Against Anna Wintour

After Anna Wintour proposed a ban on children at the runway because of North’s tantrums at Alexander Wang and Daddy's ADIDAS show, Kim Kardashian stood up for North after remaining silent. Kim is saying that if her baby, North West, isn’t allowed to attend fashion shows it is discrimination.

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Kim is a dedicated mother and she brings her baby everywhere with her, along with a nanny on standby. Baby North has been treated better than royalty, with a $2 million wardrobe and filtered water baths. An insider explains, “When Kim bathes her, she warms up either filtered or bottled water.”

It’s no wonder mommy is defending her princess as the rightful heir to the front row of fashion shows. Kim wants to give her baby every luxury in the world and she sees her child as not just a baby, but a human being that is entitled to all the best.

Sorry Anna, but it looks like you can expect more tantrums from Kim and North at fashion week.
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