Hilary Duff on the Cover of Cosmo, is She Making a Comeback?

Hilary Duff is back and divorced from ex-husband and hockey player, Mike Comrie. She’s made the cover of Cosmopolitan and between the pages, talks about her failed marriage, two-year-old son, and rise back into the public eye.

Duff admitted to being naive and marrying too young, but insists she’s not bitter even after saying she thinks that people are not meant to be together forever. She hasn’t ruled out love, however, and has been dreaming of Charlie Hunnam, who is currently in a long term relationship with Morgana McNelis since 2007. Also, ex-boyfriend Aaron Carter has been reaching out to Duff via Twitter, to which Duff says she finds ridiculous. If he wants to talk, he can text, according to Duff.

Duff is very busy nowadays with promoting her TV Land series entitled "Younger", scheduled to premiere March 31, 2015, and recording her latest album.
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