Girls and Guns on the Indianapolis Runway

In Indianapolis, USA there is a growing number of women carrying firearms and the holsters, purses, and gun concealing accessories are, unfortunately, not catered toward women. Amy Seitz has set her sights on remedying the situation with a new brand of feminine weapon concealing bras, corsets and purses. Now women won’t have to sacrifice fashion for firepower.

Photo courtesy of Chanel

Guns have long been a source of inspiration and play for designers––like Karl Lagerfeld’s ‘Miami Vice’ pistol heel circa 2009––and Seitz is now taking that inspiration to a whole new level.

Seitz explained that after her gun toting purse broke, she was forced to shop for a new one at her local gun shop, but found the choices to be uninspired and ugly. “That’s why I started this company,” she said to Indy Star. "A woman has to see it. They've got to feel it, maneuver it and see if it's going to fit." She went on to explain that every woman is different and needs to find the right method of carrying their weapon of choice.

The show is sponsored by Well Armed Women, an organization that supports, trains, and teaches women the proper way to carry, fire, and conceal weapons to keep them out of harms way. The runway show is locked and loaded for this Saturday at The Crane Bay.
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