Former Olympian Turns LGBT Icon For Fashion World

37-year-old model Casey Legler left swimming two years ago after being noticed by Ford modeling agency to become a full time model. What makes Legler an anomaly is that she models mens clothing and has appeared in Vogue and campaigns for All Saints and Diesel wearing mens blazers, pants and hats.

“One of the reasons that I quit swimming is that at one of my last big national meets—at this point I had come out [as gay]—I got asked to change in the handicapped locker room, and was invited out of the women’s locker room,” Legler told ABC.

Legler’s image isn’t just selling mens jeans, but inspiring a generation of LGBT teens. Legler recalls a teen in New York stopping her on the street and saying, “Thank you for doing what you’re doing. You're making it OK for me to be here.”

In the last year LGBT models have been embraced as part of the fashion community and spearheading campaigns in the industry. Lea T, a transgender model out of Brazil, became the new face of the global hair care brand Redken late last year and transgender teenager and YouTube star, Jazz Jennings, was announced last week as the new face of Clean & Clear’s #SeetheRealMe campaign.
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