How to Be Successful in the Industry According to Pyer Moss

Pyer Moss is a New York based menswear brand that was established in 2013. Headed by Kerby Jean-Raymond, the label has been exhibited at MADE Fashion Week every season for the last year and a half. What’s incredible about Pyer Moss is that the brand is already profitable in it’s first year, when––on average––brands do not reach profitability until five years down the line.

Photo courtesy of Pyer Moss via Instagram.

The reason Pyer Moss is finding such instantaneous success is because it’s CEO and creative director, Jean-Raymond, strategically purchased his own factory after a six-figure investment was injected into the company. Raymond’s philosophy is that if he can pay everyone a salary, a bonus, and a raise, he is doing good.

Mr. Raymond learned his craft from freelancing for the likes of Marc Jacobs and failing hard with a friend at another startup fashion line that went belly up––not because of Raymond, but because his friend was in it for the wrong reasons.

Photo courtesy of Pyer Moss via Instagram.

He doesn’t consider giving himself a salary and he only takes out enough money to pay his rent, bills, and get a couple of haircuts. The 28-year-old man is so business savvy, he landed himself in 30 under 30 in Forbes magazine. Raymond is now preparing for New York Menswear Fashion Week that will take place in July.
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