Mad Men to Join 70s Revival Next Season?

The final episode of this season’s Mad Men was set in 1969, which leads to the conclusion that next season could see Don Draper in a polyester plaid suit and platform shoes while Megan Draper could be dressed in some Halston goodness.

Mad Men’s costume designer, Janie Bryant, offered some insight into what the 70s might hold for the Drapers and the rest of Mad Men at the San Francisco launch of Shoes of Prey.

Bryant talked to Forbes about her 60s-inspired collection for Shoes of Prey, but remained more mysterious about the future of Mad Men’s costume design. She did reveal her love for the 70s, however, saying, “I love the period of the 1970s. I’m totally obsessed with men’s plaid polyester suits and bellbottoms and platform shoes and polyester wide ties that tell complete stories. That’s really more later ’70s design. And I also love women’s fashion of the 1970s. The whole Studio 54 period is amazing and all of the amazing Biba pantsuits and Halston, it’s such a great period.” A promising confession for those who are hoping that the next season will be set in the fashionable decade.

Costumes from Mad Men on display at the Smithsonian.

Bryant remained tight lipped about what year Mad Men’s final season will take place in, however, exclaiming “I can’t tell you what year we’re in! I really can’t tell you anything!”
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