Kim Kardashian’s Clothing Line Goes Global

Kim Kardashian’s fashion empire is spreading far and wide. The star has already staked a claim everywhere from Sears to QVC, and her line is now heading towards Brazil. The reality television star recently partnered with Dutch clothing store C&A and plans to launch the Kardashian Kollection in early May in malls across the country.

Although Kim is known for her glitz and glamour of high society, high fashion, and overpriced everything, she has consistently targeted middle America with her clothing collections with her first collection launching for Sears.

Old Navy is as unanimous as C&A in Brazil, but a tad bit more upscale. C&A has been around since the 1990s and mainstream clientele are teens and 20-somethings. It’s only competitor is Hering, but C&A is far more global and boasts a billionaire dynasty behind it. C&A is also in the European, Mexican and Chinese markets, which makes the KK line a new global commodity.
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