Underweight Models Officially Banned in France

Excessively thin fashion models have officially been banned from the runway after French lawmakers voted in favor of a law that could potentially fine the employer of ultra svelte models in a move to promote a healthy body image in the modeling industry.

The amendment forbids anyone with a certain body mass index or lower from working as a runway model. The National Assembly voted on Friday with a pass outcome. The fine for hiring underweight models could be as much as $82,460 served with a possible six months of jail time.

Patrice Thebault / ONLY FRANCE

“The point of the bill is to combat anorexia,” said Olivier Véran, a doctor and the Socialist deputy from southeastern France who came forth with the idea. “The law is to protect models, who are getting so thin that they’re in danger,” Mr. Véran told The Wall Street Journal late Friday. “It’s also to protect adolescents. This image of so-called ideal beauty augments the risk of eating disorders.”

A healthy BMI, according to doctors, is between 18.5 and 24.5. Mr. Veran didn’t comment on an appropriate BMI for high fashion models, but said France’s workplace health authority should decide the numbers.
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