Roasted Prawns/Crunchy Vegetables/Thai Broth
by Chef Stephane Perraud, Les Bouquinistes

Thai Broth

--All the Prawn's Heads
1tspTomato Paste
1tbspRed Curry
1pcLemongrass Stick
1pcSmall Branch of Celery
1pcThai Cilantro Branch
1pcThai Basil Branch
1pcClove Crushed Garlic
10grsHorse Radish Root
1tspOlive Oil
1tspLemon juice


2cLOlive Oil
8pcsThai Scallion
2pcsSmall Red Pepper
2pcsBranch of Cilantro
4pinchThai Cilantro finally chopped

Condiment Carrot - Ginger

30cLCarrot Juice
5cLFresh Ginger Juice
1tbspHot Pepper Puree
2cLOlive Oil

  • • Shell the prawns and put them in the fridge
  • • With the prawn’s head prepare the broth
  •    - In a pan strongly cook the heads of prawns with olive oil. Crush with pestle.
  •    - Add the tomato paste and curry, then make roast.
  •    - Add all the aromatic garnish cut into cubes and sauté a few minutes.
  •    - Wet with cold water about 2 cm above the carcasses and bring to a boil.
  •    - Cook for about one hour at low boil then go to the stamen. Salt and then add the lemon juice.
  • • Confection of condiment
  •    - In a saucepan bring the carrot juice and ginger and reduce by three quarters.
  •    - Put all the elements in a blender for a few minutes to obtain a homogeneous mixture.
  • • Preparing the garnish
  •    - Blanch tomatoes. Cut into quarters and remove the seeds to form flower petals
  •    - Lay them flat in a plate and put it in the oven and add the olive oil, thyme, garlic and salt.
  •    - Bake for one hour at 95 degrees.
  •    - Cut the zucchini into tagliatelle with a mandolin and then soak it for 30 seconds in boiling salted water. Cool and keep it for later.
  •    - Cut the stalks of spring onions and keep only the bulb. Broil quickly on both sides
  •    - Cut peppers into thin slices
  •    - Pluck the fresh herbs and mix.
  • • Dish presentation
  •    - Place the lobster tails under the salamander for 30-45 seconds, keeping almost raw.
  •    - In a bowl, a spoon condiment. Add zucchini tagliatelle forming a nest. Have around two tomato comfit and lobsters.
  •    - Add in pepper, spring onions to the grilled dish then go to the salamander 30 seconds to heat through.
  •    - Then put a pinch of Thai coriander and have the garnish above.
  •    - Then serve the thai broth boiling.