Sea Bass, Fennel Bulbs, Grape Fruit
by Chef Hiroki Yoshitake, Restaurant SOLA

1pcSea Bass
1pcFennel Bulbs

For Sauce:

100grsGrape Fruit
50ccExtra-Virgin Olive Oil
50grsFennel Bulbs

  • 1) Fillet a sea bass and cut the fillet.Soak it in marinade of salt during 20 minutes.
  • 2)Clean pieces of sea bass with running water and remove water with kitchen paper well.
  • 3) For the sauce, put grapefruit, fennel bulbs and olive oil in the mixer. Get a smooth sauce.
  • 4) Slice Fennel bulbs very thinly with a Mandoline.
  • 5) Decorate the dish with all preparations.