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British Designer Ally Capellino , has slowly, but surely been taking over the streets of London with her innovative, quirky, yet practical bags. For those of you, who like me, enjoy cycling to work, these bags are really designed for the fashion conscious cyclist and working woman. Despite the fact that Ally has worked in the fast paced fashion industry for years, she now prides herself in creating timeless pieces that are not made for any particular season, or to mirror any particular trend, but to be worn everyday, and for years to come. Her Men’s collection is also extensive, and in my opinion one of the best options for a ‘Man Bag’ around. For different styles and more information on Ally Capellino please visit:

Tan Leather Bag: $620 US Dollars

Coral Bag on sale now for $490 US Dollars

The Ally Capellino Man Bag, in waxed cotton. Available in a variety of different colors priced at, $237 US Dollars.

Credits: Ally Capellino Author: Jade Page
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