Perth Fashion Festival- Ae’lkemi Perth designer Alvin Fernandez had big expectations upon his shoulders for his solo show of his Perth based already widely followed label Ae’lkemi. The 40 piece collection was nothing short of magnificent showcasing a lot of the designer’s signature traits, complex beading, feathers and exotic skins. What differed about this collection to previous ones was a dark, moodier side Fernandez had been working on and executed with ease and glamour. Long fitted silhouettes adorned in embellishment and plenty of rock star attitude. The final number worn by Gabrielle Sullivan of Chadwick models a breath taking black sheer sequined gown. Smokey eyes and glittery gold eyebrows suitably matched the combinations of leopard print, shimmery metallic and bolder bright tropical print. Over the last 12 months one of the labels main focuses has been building its east coast presence with well-known names such as Laura Dundovic and Jesinta Campbell both spotted sporting Ae’lkemi pieces. Photo credits: Stefan Gosatti Author: Alia Bannani

Designs by Ae’lkemi

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