Fashion One presents: Menswear Trends Coats Fall/Winter 2012/13

When winter arrives, the selection of jackets and coats is always difficult. Nevertheless, several models work well in all patterns and can quickly become essentials. Take the example of the trench coat. It became almost indispensable, the designers have fun working it in innovative ways every season.

As suggested by Anna Zegna, the simple collar in black velvet or padded works well and dresses up the outfit. Of course after the trench effect and the play with colours, we quickly return back to the basics : the three quarter length coat, in shades of black and gray, some with a play on textures, others figure hugging.

It is true that materials like the old cuts return and are created tastefully bringing charm. Another trend, and for the big cold, are the large coats and also those that are long and which go back to the army trend. Because the military spirit is present this season, in a khaki colour for straight coats and long ones worn like an officer. This leads us to discuss the last material in vogue, leather. Whether it's for a sportswear parka, a cloak or a trench coat, leather is widely used and becomes a new prominent element in the male wardrobe.

Anna Zegna : There are trenches that are kind of the leitmotif of the collection, but playing with it in a completely new way, so there trench coats with patchwork on the back, with inside materials that you can just about see, because the outside is very different, or collars in shearling, shearling is very present in the collection.

Christopher Bailey : I love the idea of playing with these real menswear coats, whether it be, these real city things the sartorial tailoring, things that are very strict, but also playing with all the coats of the countryside, so all these little quilted jackets, all the corduroy, and all the different fabrications.
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