Fashion One features Meet with Eva Herzigova : Designer Career

Forever a true beauty icon approaching her 40s, Eva Herzigova fondly looks back on her career : photogenic, endowed with perfect measurements, Eva is as pretty as a picture, she is also a woman of many talents.

Curious, passionate, Eva did not hesitate to engage herself in clothe making with collaborations as a designer with brands like 1.2.3 for Etam and lingerie and swimwear collections in her own name in which she thrusts herself in the limelight.

Eva Herzigova : In a communist country there wasn't this choice, this freedom of expression even with clothes, so there was nothing, there was a boutique for clothes and I made my clothes, but I never thought or dreamed of participating in fashion, because it didn't exist, it wasn't a profession.

By doing my clothes in the Czech Republic, with the experience they I have in the job, I told myself that it would be good to launch something, but maybe just creating swimwear, it's once a year, but in fact it was something that was very hard, because it is a technical product to follow and it's really a 360 degree job. It was a big lesson, and I learnt a lot.
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