L’Oréal Paris beauty expert Karim Rahman shares holiday beauty tips

The holidays are drawing near and it is time to think about the right makeup for the occasion. While some will choose a refined and classic makeup look, others will be tempted to try a more imaginative style. L'Oréal Paris beauty expert Karim Rahman reveals his tips for achieving a festive makeup look that stands out from the crowd.

Relaxnews: When you hear festive makeup, what comes to mind?

Karim Rahman: Something a bit more unusual. Holiday events allow you to try different things. For instance, you can pair glamorous lips with very dark eyes.

Relaxnews: So, it's a chance to try something new?

Karim Rahman: Exactly. Personally, I'm inspired by current trends, by what triggers my interest. This year, I predict a return of the Carine Roitfeld smoky eye. It's an edgier style that can be achieved using nothing but kohl and plays with satiny textures. Do not hesitate to add more makeup and go beyond the brow to bring more of a glow. I like the idea of makeup that is strong but not opaque.

Relaxnews: How can that be achieved?

Karim Rahman: Go beyond the usual colors. I advise using black only at the root to structure the eyes, such as with mascara and kohl, then adding a brown, plum or maroon shade. You can even blend three colors for a mysterious look. I also recommend blush to help structure the face and a little eyeliner on the lashline. Opt for diamond powder over glitter. It is better for capturing the light without a vulgar effect. On the lips, it is about personal preference, but I stick with either glossy nude or glossy red.

Relaxnews: All this takes time. What do you suggest for women who only have 10-15 minutes to do their makeup?

Karim Rahman: They will absolutely be able to recreate this kind of makeup. Kohls have a silky texture and are easy to work with. You just apply a little on the eyes and smudge... it does not require much time. You need to bring out the eyes and make them sexy.

Relaxnews: Is there any important detail women tend to forget?

Karim Rahman: I am thinking more of things to avoid. For example, when you apply foundation, do not forget to make it fade into the neck and the décolleté. That's a detail that women sometimes forget. Also, avoid using too much glitter.

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