Calf Skin Leather Shirts With RiRi Zippers Designed By Myself and Miss E. Cammarata For Pharrell Williams

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In August 2012 my good friend Andrew, who is based in Miami asked if I knew any designers specialising in creating all leather garments. I thought about this and I got back to him with details of a talented designer I personally know who specialises in creating luxury bespoke garments. Little did I know then that the products being requested to be created were for the one and only Pharrell Williams. So, I casually passed on all of the details of how the product was supposed to look, and manufactured over to my dear designer friend Miss Eva Cammarata. The specifications consisted of 100% Italian napa leather, organic milk thread, premium wool-spun jersey and metal Italian RiRi zips. Eva and I sat down and blueprinted a few initial rough drafts to modify the given designs. After a good few e-mail's exchanges with Eva and Andrew we finally decided on the end product. The first design would be a short elbow sleeved shirt with asymmetric rib zips on the torso, the metal zips would finely line up to the center of the sleeves. It would also consist of a straight lined metal across at the back. The premium jersey would compliment the outer ribs of the shirt with the abstract of the materials (metal, leather and jersey) The second was identical to the first but finely cut from the shoulders. This proved tricky at first, as the products were to be strictly hand cut and sewn. Eva magically delivered, and here we have it! Take a look at the images of the initial design/sketch process to the end product below: The shirts are now in Los Angeles and we will be sure to publish any press when if/when surface in any editorials/video/photos.   Written by: Alexander Esguerra Images: Alexander Esguerra
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