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Guess who’s back with us on Front Row…

International stylist and fashion expert, Rachel Anthony, reunites with Fashion One for its third season of Front Row. Fashion presenter, Sam Simmons, and red carpet correspondent, Kiri Bloore, will join Rachel as this awesome threesome brings you the inside scoop in this year’s Spring/Summer Collections and which ones made it into the red carpet.

Let’s hear what Rachel thinks about this season and get to know more about our host:


What’s the difference between Front Row Season 3 from its previous seasons?

This time around, we got a team of three girls, got 2 fashion editors and a model - the dream team. . I just love the dynamic between the three of us. It has been so much fun. What people will see is a cheeky 360-degree view of fashion from industry professionals. We also have a new segment, “Red Carpet,” where we feature celebrity sightings on the red carpet, which is like seeing fashion in the real world not on the runway.

What do you like about this new segment?

I like the fact that we see designers on the runway and then we go to see how it looks on the red carpet. Sometimes we see the same dress but it would look completely different in the show and then we see people in the same designer’s version of the same dress having to dress a star. That’s what I like, the translation of the fashion.

I like the fact that it’s more honest and sometimes we’re a little bit cheekier.

What do you want your audience to take away after watching the show?

To feel informed but also to feel that it’s fun to watch. Like engaging into a conversation with us.

What element does each of your co-hosts bring to the show?

Rachel on Kiri: I agree on what Sam is saying about the research. Because Kiri’s background in journalism, she has an inside view on what she’s talking about and understanding of that and also definitely brings the glamour. She brings a kind of a “tongue in cheek” element.

Rachel on Sam: She has the perspective of the person sitting at home, asking the questions they might have. She’s the voice of the people who’s watching and our own Fashion princess.

Which pieces/collection impressed you most?

For me, 2 polar opposites: Manish Arora for all the bright modern colors and beading, and the other one, Gareth Pugh; it is dream luxury Goth, like a female super villain outfit.

Fashion tips

Monochrome pretty much suits everyone and can be very flattering. Other trends like a complete same bright color outfit could look really wrong on different body shapes, and often be quite inappropriate in a work or day-to-day setting. Pastels and Neons together is a fresh take on color that works well on a lot of skin tones.

Most memorable experiences - best/worst Best was dressing a client for the Oscars. It took about 3-4 months fitting but I saw the most amazing gowns in my entire life. And the pride in seeing someone that has gone through being dressed the wrong thing for years and they have tears in their eyes after seeing them in the first fitting… like a flower blossom, she was shining.

The worst is a shoot in Hackney graveyard where it was pouring with rain and there were drug addicts and rats there. I was in sandals and it was up to the knees in mud and I actually wanted to cry but I had to keep going to keep the model calm. Then a dog run up and ate some of the make-up!!.. It was crazy, but afterwards quite funny.

Most interesting celebrity client

Lee Bing Bing, who was just announced to be part of the cast of Transformer 4, was so interesting to work with. I learnt so much about the Asian culture, and how celebrities are dealt with very differently. You get that real sense of respect. There was an almost regal atmosphere, she has a very special presence and aura. Although so very down to earth, with the grace of an old school Hollywood star, for me she is a modern day Grace Kelly. “She was a lady in every sense of the word.”

Which part you love about your job?

I love the research and taking something from an idea in my head that I might have when I’m walking somewhere and then making it into an image that makes it into a magazine and in about 6 months time you might see little bits of that. It might be an accident or a replacement that you did that made it into the shoot but then you see people copying that. That’s the editorial side for me, it’s a love job. As a stylist, what I love with my personal clients is “trying to make someone the best version of themselves.” I’m lucky, I love working with people of all backgrounds.

About Rachel

Rachel Anthony is a Fashion Director based in London, with an international portfolio of clients. Recent projects have included clients for the Academy Awards, BAFTA Events, and MTV Awards.

She is a Freelance Fashion Editor and writer for numerous global publications. Rachel is also a Stylist and Creative Consultant on projects ranging from runway to fashion editorials, music videos and corporate branding consultation.

From 2010- 2013, she joined forces with Designer Emma Griffiths to re-launch the luxury women’s wear label Emma Griffiths London as partner and Managing Director.

Rachel joins Fashion One for three of the network's productions, as expert host for the catwalk chat show Front Row Seasons 2 and 3, and as style judge for the upcoming reality series, Style Wars.

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