Angel Schlesser Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid Autumn Winter 2014-15

Angel Schlesser’s Autumn Winter 2014-15 collection is full of billowy silken long sleeved shirts, pant suits, skirts, short tops, turtlenecks, silk trousers, off-the-shoulder long sleeved dresses, knee-length plaid coats, Harringbone sleeveless dresses and filmy sleeveless gowns. It’s hard to believe that it took Angel Schlesser 6 long years before he made the jump to prêt-a-porter line of clothing. Women who want no-nonsense clothing with clean, crisp lines and bold colors need to look no farther than this collection. Primarily aimed at the upwardly mobile youth of today who like to play it safe when it comes to fashion. This collection is very reminiscent of the fashion style found in the 70s.

In the front row of the show were actresses Laura Hayden, Ana Rujas, Marta Robles and Isabel Jimenez. Accessories such as Oxford patent leather shoes, lace topped high heels and leather handbags. Some of the fabrics used in this collection are organic cotton terry-cloth, silk and wool.

Garments of silk drape a number of models wearing dresses, gowns shirts, leaving very little to the imagination. A long knee-length skirt made with what looks like space blanket material looks out of place with the other garments in the show. That it is paired with a Jet Black long sleeved turtleneck does nothing to soften that impression.

Highlight garments in this collection are a Crimson two-piece sleeveless full length dress with plunging neckline and a vest-style bodice; a draped Bone and Charcoal Grey line-and-blotch patterned knee-length dress with a high neckline, and; a woven silk Charcoal Grey mid-thigh length party dress with long bell sleeves and raised geometric pattern.

Fashion designer Angel Schlesser may not be a risk taker in the fashion world, but it’s clear he has an eye for flattering a woman’s figure. Not everyone will find his collection desirable but they will appreciate his clean, crisp style.

Angel Schlesser

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