Hannibal Laguna Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid Autumn Winter 2014-15

Maria Trapiello, actress Ana Obregon, former models Jacqueline de la Vega and Juncal Rivero host this episode of Fashion Week in Madrid.

Hannibal Laguna’s collection embodies the romantic era of women’s fashion with jaw-dropping evening gowns, pant suits, jackets, shirts, skirts, jeans and handbags. The feminine form is celebrated in all its beauty in spectacular style and grace; each outfit embodies the princess every woman strives to be. The colors in this collection are truly breathtaking: Almond, Antique White, Fuchsia, Antique Brass, Light Avocado, Classic Rose, Beau Blue, Pastel Bittersweet, Blue Bell, Lavender, Buff, Charm Pink, Columbia Blue, Cornsilk, Lilac, Diamond and Shimmering Ecru. Crinoline, silk brocade, chiffon, organza and lace are some of the fabrics featured in this collection.

It’s easy to picture every princess or queen wanting to wear any piece from Hannibal Laguna’s collection. There are large bows, plunging necklines, racy lacy bodices with billowing shoulders, tuffs or organza, full bell-shaped, calf-length gowns with sequined long sleeved bodices, off the shoulder taffeta encased Charm Pink bodices and matching gold high heels, and fantastic form-fitting scoop neckline dresses that shimmer with perfection.

Some of the drop-dead gorgeous and totally unforgettable garments seen in this video are: full evening gown in Jet Black with sheer silk bodice; glittering gold knee-length silk dress with high brocade collar, short bell sleeves and matching cape; Metallic Columbia Blue calf-length cocktail dress; full length evening gown with woven silk material in Lavender; Charm Pink pleated cocktail dress with crew neckline and sheer Egyptian Gold long-sleeved bodice, and; off the shoulder Classic Rose color cocktail dress with wide V-neckline, folds and short tapered wings flaring from the waist. This last piece is a beautiful bit of artistry as it draws the eye across the shoulders down to a point just below the bosom, out at the waist and tapered down in shimmering silk fabric to the knee.

If one were to choose the perfect combination of elegant material, passionate pastels and the most elegant of styles, then one need look no farther than this collection.

Hannibal Laguna

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