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Fashion One correspondent Ana Sanchez takes us to the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Madrid where we’ll be checking out Andres Sarda’s 2014 Spring/Summer lingerie collection. Creative Director, Nuria Sarda, tells us about the inspiration for the swimwear and lingerie collection – it will be like a special galactic garden with a vintage style thrown in. Nuria tells us that this new collection will have textured fabric, jacquards, piques, smooth and stamped material, colored plastics, crochets and laminated fabrics. Silks, organic cotton, lace, metal and plastic were some of the materials used in this collection.

The first model on the runway presented a black and white horizontally striped one-piece bathing suit with a twist – it had short sleeves, a boat-style plunging neckline with cut out areas in the shape of a ship’s wheel. Next up was a micro-bikini in black and white horizontal stripes with matching Kentucky Derby-style striped hat. Then things got rather strange with a Purple and Orange color plastic shorts and Day Glow Yellow band top with matching full-faced PVC visor. The next garment on the catwalk is a Canary Yellow two-piece bathing suit with a futuristic look. The lower part of the suit is a bikini but the upper part is a crop top with full-length sleeves that attach to a turtleneck, and matching Kentucky Derby-style hat. There is a peekaboo plunging V-neck just over the bosom area, as if the suit wasn’t eye-catching enough.

The lingerie portion of the show was truly inspiring, and yet it did get a little strange, too. For instance, the two-piece suit in Pale Yellow silk with wide lapels, plunging neckline, stovepipe pants, wide-brimmed fedora. It wasn’t until the model turned around that you could see the flesh-color lace back, bottom and leg, leaving absolutely nothing left to the imagination. It was definitely a showstopper as was the floral jumpsuit with scoop neckline, bell-bottom legs and wing-like appendages at the end of the sleeves.

Interesting garments in the show:
• Cerulean Blue iridescent two-piece suit with boy shorts and strapless Décolleté;
• Alizarin Crimson PVC full-length gown with fishtail hem, high neckline and diagonal strip of cloth from neck to bossom;
• White and black trimmed push-up bra and bikini panties with full-length sleeves and turtleneck pullover that only covers the shoulders;
• Metallic lavender body briefer with bell sleeves

Swarovski Crystals were used during the presentation of the lingerie.

Shoes are from the Jeffrey Campbell Collection.

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