Loxion Kulca South African Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2014

South African Fashion Week takes us to Johannesburg where we check out Loxion Kulca’s 2014-15 Autumn/Winter fashion collection. The designer draws inspiration from his South African culture, adds some punk expressions and sprinkles in some futuristic styles to come up with a truly unique fashion show.

This collection relies heavily on imagination and where the future of the fashion industry might be heading. Iridescent fabrics are mixed well with silk and organic cotton. There is a little touch of innocence to this collection: schoolgirl-type dresses, above-the-knee stockings, patent leather ankle strap shoes, appliques and hightop runners. There’s some urban camouflage going on as well, with multi-colored leather patchwork pants, and cargo pants with camo-combat green panels for the guys and form-fitting patched jumpsuits for the girls.

While there’s a lot going on with weird turtle-turtle collared mid-thigh length shirt and hippie psychedelic leggings for the men not to mention dresses with sleeves that have some serious glandular issues, this show is bound to attract a lot of attention from the suddenly-famous and wanna-be famous cliques that seem to define this new generation.

Some of the more interesting garments of the show: Peruvian-style Alpaca knit multi-color zipperless pants for men. They look comfortable and are bound to upgrade the look of any shirt you have in your closet; White and Iridescent long sleeved zippered shirt with Azure cuffs and waistband; Tan organic cotton double-breasted trench coat with Cerulean color leather sleeves and slit pockets; Azure silk skirt with ragged edges; black and grey leather jeans with diagonal zippered pockets; tan chinos with ribbed leather reinforced knee pads; and Pale Yellow floral clam digger pants with rounded hem.

Some of the truly weird garments of the show for men: multi-color paint splattered leggings; grey knit crew-neck sweater with opening for a tie; satin Cadmium Orange color straight leg jeans; Ash Grey organic cotton fleece pants with AuroMetalSaurus grey side and groin panels and four button fly; V-neck jumpsuit with built-in leather reinforced knee pads, and; grey double buckled tie-dyed boot cut pants; sheer lace (to mid chest and then Snow White from there to shirt tail) shirt with Jet Black band-style collar and matching two-tone leather tie.

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