MANUEL BOLAÑO 080 Barcelona Fashion Autumn/Winter 2014 15

Spanish designer Manuel Bolano’s Autumn/Winter 2014-15 collection is featured at the Barcelona Fashion Show. Bold colors accented by earthen tones infuse this collection. Women’s cropped pants are heavily featured in Bolano’s collection. It can be a risky move because the length is hard for any woman to pull off, given that the eye is immediately drawn to it. Some of these particular garments are flared while others are straight, but it’s the fabrics and patterns that make the crop pants succeed rather than fail.

Alpaca and Lana fabrics are the order of the day, making each garment looking warm and comfortable. Both men’s and women’s fashions are featured in the show with identical patterns and colors appearing in jackets, pants and sweaters. Rather than having the very muted colors commonly associated with Autumn and Winter, Bolano uses Mode Beige, Castleton Green, Flattery, Liver, Lincoln Green, Taupe, Grullo, Gray-Asparagus, Golden Brown and Black neatly highlighted by the vivid colors of Fluorescent Pink, Deep Lemon, Ferrari Red and Carrot Orange.

There are a number of very distinct styles, patterns and fabrics that mark this particular collection: Lana multi-color Herringbone Pattern socks, Alpaca Ferrari Red and Black District Check married with Pincheck or Gingham Check jackets, coats, tea length skirts, handbags, scarves, dresses and crop tops.

Some of the highlights of this collection: Lincoln Green silk paper bag trousers with cropped straight legs, two slouch front pockets and a Mode Beige and Taupe chevron pattern wool and leather belt; Ferrari Red long sleeved silk blouse with high neck and generous fabric folds with a Deep Lemon and Golden Brown chevron wool and leather belt; mid-length, long sleeved Castleton Green dress with high color and a Liver-Castlton Green bow. I think the large bow is rather distracting but perhaps that’s why Manuel Bolano designed the dress the way it is – to be an eye-catcher. There are two men’s suits in this collection that mirror the colors of the women’s garments but have regular length trousers.

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