Ricardo Seco Mercedes Benz Fashion Week New York Fall 2014

Designer Ricardo Seco describes his collection as being the embodiment of the timeless style of the Kennedy era. The 1960s might have been a turbulent time politically, but the fashion industry was rich with Beatle Boots, mini-skirts, bell-bottom jeans, Nehru jackets, paisley prints, tie-dye and batik prints, pompadour, crew cut and flattop hairstyles for men and chignon and beehive hairdos for the women. These areas of fashion where music, fashion and art were the ultimate freedom of expression inspire Ricardo Seco.

Viewers watch as Mayela Vazquez transforms a male model’s hair into the lush, healthy look of a young John F. Kennedy. The hairstyle is simple and matches the overall understated style of the Mexican designer’s collection. His creations are designed with both men and women in mind. The minimalist touch of clean lines in the garment, fabric detail and choice patterns are the themes of his collection.

There is a wide variety of textiles used in this collection, including Lana Wool, Cashmere, Cotton, Suede, Mohair, Leather, Alpaca, Tweed and Denim. Various shades of black, Robin Egg Blue, Gainsboro, Hot Pink, Periwinkle, Baby Pink, Cosmic Latte, were used in this show and were accessorized with bags, cases and handmade embroidered art by Jean Huichol artisans.

Comfy Lana Wool jackets with wide lapels, light crew-neck t-shirts, form fitting jeans, thigh length leather jackets, cotton shirts with wide lapels and jeans of every color are all parts of this casual, ‘Forever’ collection.

Some of the highlights of the show were a Charcoal Grey leather zipped jacket matched with a Cashmere cable knit Baby Pink high-necked sweater, with multi-color (Pink, Periwinkle and Grey) tied across the upper arms and chest of the model; Jet Black satin knee length shorts paired with a Gainsboro color Alpaca sweater; Hot Pink long sleeved V-neck Cashmere sweater with a silhouette of John-John saluting emblazoned on the front, and; Cosmic Latte Tweed Neru Jacket covering a Grullo color turtleneck Alpaca sweater.

This Fall collection is aimed at the everyman in society. Buyers of this collection want to be warm, comfortable and yet fashionable, in tune with the natural fibres and a mixture of earthen and vibrant colors.

Ricardo Seco

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