Sergio Davila New York Fashion Week Fall Winter 2014-15

Fashion One’s Kristina Williams takes us behind the scenes look at Sergio Davila’s Fall Winter 2014-15 collection during the New York Fashion Week. She talks to key makeup stylist J Guerra about prepping the models for Sergio Davila’s fashion show. J Guerra discusses the cream base that was used to highlight the male models’ cheekbones in order to make them look dewy and fresh. A little bit of blush, mascara and eyeliner was also used to simulate the outdoorsy freshness that the late seasons can bring. Care is taken to create a strong brow by filling it in or backcombing the eyebrow hairs in order to enhance the masculine look of the male models. These men are absolutely gorgeous as they are but J Guerra wants their masculinity to shine through. Beautiful clear skin is the catch phrase J Guerra uses when describing the overall look he wants to capture to accent the gorgeous fashions in Sergio Davila’s collection.

John Warren, hairstylist representing Rizzieri Salon, discusses the use of dry texture sprays with Kristina in order to create a free flowing natural Gypsy look to the female models’ hair. Very light dry texture non-sticky sprays were used on the male models to achieve the look of just stepping in from the cold weather.

Chris Hernandez looks very stylish wearing a black leather jacket, black knit sweater, leggings under twill pants and black combat boots. He describes the over all effect of his outfit as being both relaxed and comfortable as well as being stylish and warm.

The designer is all about natural fibres, harkening back to his Peruvian roots. You’ll find loose fitting comfortable jacquard sweaters, cardigans and vests, sweatpants, roomy shirts, warm zip-ups, knit trousers and leather jackets. Queen Blue, Prussian Blue, Pullman Brown, Raw Umber, Pale Taupe, Otter Brown and Lion are some of the fantastic colors you’ll find in this collection. The knit sweaters are particularly fetching and are specifically crafted with baby alpaca and organic cotton, alpaca mixed with silk or cotton and camel hair to increase the insulation factor. All the textiles used in Sergio Davila’s collection are from South America. The outfits are designed in America but produced in South America where the natural fibres are plentiful.

Sergio Davila

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