SKORZCH South African Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2014

Zano Sithetho’s label, Skorzch, was launched in 2012 when he won the SA Fashion Week Renault New Talent competition and being presented with the Nokia Youth in Design Award. This menswear designer is the focus of the South African Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2014 fashion show.

This wildly successful South African designer specializes in men’s fashion but focuses on suits in particular. The suit jackets are fitted with wide lapels and narrow sleeves. Some of the trousers are stovepipe with a stitched crease while others have pleats or are plain in design.

Silk, satin and linen are the fabrics featured in this show. Wild colors are married with very muted greys, whites, browns and silver. The color scheme here varies from Eggshell, Cadet Grey and Black to Dark Liver, Fern Green, Dark Scarlet English Lavender, Fuchsia, Electric Indigo and Day-glow Orange.

There were a number of very nice pieces in this collection: A fitted Dark Scarlet jacket with thin lapels, and; English Lavender silk Dobby weave trousers finished with discrete cuffs; One particular suit was simply fabulous: and almost iridescent, shimmering silk Dark Scarlet three piece suit with Peach liner and buttons, vest and stovepipe trousers with pleats. There is a Fushcia Burberry jacket with Electric Indigo liner atop a pair of silk stovetop pants of the same rich color. A black bowler hat and ebony scrolled walking stick, Liver color linen shirt with buttondown collar and patent leather shoes were the accessories. There is really very little that is new with this collection, however, the fitted jacket and pants really are a nice change from the more draping and loose fitting suits from some of the other collections presented this year.

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