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Have you ever wanted to know how certain women can always look so put together every day when they get to work and leave and come back the next day and do it all over again.

Their hair is just right, their outfit looks amazing, they even have on accessories to complement their look, their nails are perfect, and they smell good, their makeup is just right… I mean it just literally looks like they could have just finished a grand photo shoot with a top fashion magazine.

Well, the Accessories Queen is here to tell you it’s all in the details. Accessories Queen also known as Erica Bigger (that’s me ☺) has created the perfect guide for working women who know that they can give themselves that extra attention to make them feel more vibrant when going to work.

Erica Bigger Erica Bigger
This book lays out and explains modern day touch ups that you can apply to your everyday or special occasion style. Here is one tip… a brooch is a simple way to jazz up your outfit! Look below to see how I teach you to use a brooch to give your look more life.

Erica Bigger Erica Bigger Erica Bigger
Also watch here to show you how to put a brooch on an old handbag that you need to get a face lift.

Find out more tips and tricks in my newly released eBook “The Stylish Insider Accessories Guide… Top Secret Tips that will give you that SUPERSTAR looks that will transform you Style.”

Every working women deserves some extra attention, why not show it through your apperance!!!

Erica Bigger Erica Bigger Erica Bigger
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