Chanel Sues Beauty Salon

Merrillville, Indiana – Because of alleged trademark infringement, iconic French high fashion house Chanel recently filed a lawsuit against a local beauty parlor.

The spa and beauty salon in question is named “Chanel's Salon”, which of course is not related to the prestigious fashion house, but to the beauty parlors owner's very own name, Chanel Jones. Chanel accuses Jones of only using her first name to benefit from the luxury brand's high reputation.

This is actually not the first case of Chanel suing parties that use their name in a supposedly trademark-infringing way. Over the past, the French fashion house won many trademark-related trials and made sure that “Chanel” is only to be used when being directly connected to the brand or its creations.

However, the odds are that this time Chanel might come out on the short end, as the court in Peaceable Planet, Inc. vs. Ty, Inc., explains: “Supposing a man named Brooks opened a clothing store under his name, should this prevent a second Brooks from opening a clothing store under his own (identical) name even though consumers did not yet associate the name with the first Brooks’s store? It should not.”

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