Jogging is Deadly…But Not in this Outfit

Adidas Originals by Stella McCartney long sleeved top
Premiere tennis tank by Nike Women
Puma Studio capri tights
Adidas Originals ZX Restyle W sneakers
Victoria's Secret water bottle
Asics Challenge running watch
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Bad news jogging buffs––jogging is bad for you. Studies have shown that those who exercise vigorously over a long period actually have a higher risk of getting a heart attack. Studies have shown that this includes jogging for long hours regularly. According to a 12-year long study by the American College of Cardiology, those who jog too often have the same longevity as those who don’t exercise at all. However, that doesn’t mean you have to hang up those chic trainers you bought for spring. It appears that if you jog for just an hour or two per week, your lifespan actually increases. Researchers in Copenhagen found that light jogging is the best activity for those who want to live longer. This means you can still stock up on stylish new running gear to prepare for spring’s athletic season. Just remember, don’t overdo it!

If you plan on doing what the doctor ordered this spring, do so fashionably in the outfit above.

Adidas Originals by Stella McCartney Long Sleeved top, buy here.
Nike Women Premiere tennis tank, buy here.
Puma Studio capri tights, buy here.
Adidas Originals ZX Restyle W sneakers, buy here.
Victoria’s Secret water bottle, buy here.
Asics Challenge running watch, buy here.
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