One Direction’s Music Might Be Sh*t, but Charli XCX’s Style Isn’t

Charli XCX's problem with boy bands evidently excludes Nick Jonas. Here she strikes a pose with one of the JoBros in a 90s-esque metallic maxi dress.
The singer is all sass in this embellished skirt set.
Charli XCX wears a sequined varsity jacket with go-go boots, and we say you go girl!
Leather, suede, cutouts...these are a few of our favorite things, especially on Charli.
Charli strikes a pose in a sequined crop top and matching midi skirt.
Charli proves that not all cheerleaders are sweet with a fur coat, platforms, and choker.
We totally dig Charli's grunge-bohemian vibe in this orange crop top-skirt set and scarlet platform sandals.
Don't be fooled by the pastels and fur, Charli is anything but the girl next door in this outfit.
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Earlier this week, English singer and songwriter Charli XCX dissed the wildly popular teenage boy band, One Direction. Rumor has it that Charli XCX called the One Direction’s music complete “sh*t”. The trash talking didn’t stop there, however, and the songstress also threw shade at the band’s manager, Simon Cowell.

According to Classicalite Charli told Q Magazine, “I think Simon Cowell's cool, I'd love to be in that position, but from the point of view of making music that's not sh*t.” Charli went on to slam the pop industry as a whole, saying “I couldn't make any pop music because I hated pop music. I just didn't want to think about it I wanted to be free”––funny, considering the singer is listed as being in the genres of dark pop and electropop.

Regardless of Charli’s reputation for being a trash talker (Christina Aguilera, Flo Rida, Eminem...the list goes on) her style is anything but. Charli is taking the fashion world by storm and has appeared on the covers of V Magazine and Nylon, collaborated with Topshop, and is the subject of innumerable Tumblrs and Pintrest boards. Charli’s style is a unique mix of grunge, girl power, and neon, which is especially refreshing in a sea of Kardashian look alikes. Her DGAF attitude may get her in trouble with the media, but we love it when her attitude translates into her outfits.

Check out our favorite Charli XCX’s outfits above!
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