Fashion Police Arrest Jimmy Fallon and Saved By the Bell Cast

Ok, Slater, you can still wear a tank—but don't tuck it in. Also, tank-on-tank is absolutely out of the question. Try this RVCA Digline Tank, instead.
Zack, psychedelic sweaters are officially out. However, since knits are your favorite, update your style with this Valentino version in beige.
Kelly, a cheerleader outfit? NO. However, you can still go back to your staple crop top. Here’s a boho-chic alternative by Anna Kosturova.
Jesse, the vest is particularly painful. If you must wear a vest, go for this Helmut Lang oversized one.
Lisa, why weren't you there? However, your fondness for florals is still right on-trend. Try this Abercrombie and Fitch dress for a fresher take.
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If there’s anything we learned from yesterday’s Saved By the Bell reunion, it’s that their style is in desperate need of an update. There were some pretty cringe-worthy style moments on Wednesday’s The Tonight Show––thanks, Jimmy Fallon. However, the short trip down memory lane was very much appreciated. It was incredible to see Zack, Slater, Jesse, Kelly, and Mr. Belding come back to Bayside to take us all the way back to the 90s. The gang performed a skit on The Tonight Show, where they met up with a “new” friend, Jimmy Fallon––an aspiring comedian who dreams of dating Nicole Kidman. I see what you did there, Jimmy.

The skit was a mix of Saved By the Bell throwback humor, and references to their lives after the show. I’m sure anybody who grew up in the 90s enjoyed watching the Bayside long as they weren’t too distracted by Jesse’s big hair. The skit was a reminder of simpler days past, as well as of the unbelievably garish outfits we used to wear. Therefore, it is only fitting that we give the crew a few style updates to take them to 2015.

Judging from yesterday’s skit, iPhones are definitely at the top of the list. Check out our gallery to see how to do Saved By the Bell’s style––right.
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