Kim Kardashian Reveals $2K Worth of Beauty Secrets

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The 34-year-old mother and TV personality just dished on her hair and beauty routine. The starlette gave Into the Gloss an exclusive on what it takes to get herself camera ready, and the total cost amounted to a whopping $1,977.75 for all the creams, contours and lasers.

Kim said about her lengthy––and pricey––routine, “I just love to take care of my skin. I’m always researching different products, and I always try so many different things. I don’t just stick to one face wash or moisturizer.” Among the products that Kim uses, Guerlain Orchidée Impériale The Rich Cream tops the list as the most expensive product at $455 for 1.7 ounces, and a personal Quasar MD Plus LED light therapy machine is the priciest treatment at $795.


Kim also revealed that her father, Robert Kardashian, was the one who kickstarted her love of makeup saying, “My dad got me makeup classes for Christmas when I was like 14 at some Joe Blasco makeup school, and I've worn that foundation ever since.” As someone who makes a living being in front of the cameras, it makes sense that Kim is a bona fide beauty buff. Some of her beauty secrets came as a shock, however. The starlet revealed that she only washes her hair once every five days.


“For my hair, I don’t wash it every day. We start out with a blowout on day one, then we go into a messier vibe the next day, and then we flat iron it and do a really sleek look on day three since that requires a little oil in the hair. Day four could be a slicked-back ponytail, and on the fifth day is when you wash it. That’s a little excessive, maybe,” she said.

Armed with a cavalry of the best estheticians, hair stylists, and makeup artists, Kim’s nonchalant attitude towards her $2K daily beauty ritual doesn’t really come as a surprise. Still, I can’t justify dropping a few months worth of rent on my face––and I spend quite a bit.

Stay tuned to Fashion One to see how you can get Kim’s $2k beauty routine with $200.
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