Taylor Swift’s Legs Insured for $40 Million, Most Expensive Body Parts in Hollywood

Taylor Swift just insured her legs for $40 million.
J. Lo's favorite and most famous ass-et has been reportedly insured for anywhere between $27-$300 million.
America Ferrera's million dollar smile is actually worth $10 million, as insured by the toothpaste company AquaFresh.
Julia Roberts' pearly whites are also insured, for a whopping $30 million.
Dolly Parton's breasts are insured for a modest $600,000.
Madonna, on the other hand, has hers insured for $2 million.
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It’s no secret that Taylor Swift has some of the nicest legs in Hollywood, but how much are they actually worth? At five-foot-ten inches tall, her legs for days are worth 40 million dollars––or at least that’s how much she just had them insured for. Taylor’s not the only one to have her body parts insured, however. As weird as it may sound, having your legs or teeth insured is a normal practice in Hollywood.

See who’s been insured for what and for how much in the gallery above!
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