Yves Saint Laurent’s Most Scandalous Collection Revisited

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Starting on March 19 exhibition goers at the Fondation Pierre Bergé will be able to view Yves Saint Laurent’s notorious 1971 collection that was inspired by the Nazi presence in Paris during World War II.

The exhibition, aptly titled “Yves Saint Laurent 1971: La Collection du Scandale," will showcase YSL’s controversial Spring Summer collection from 1971. The exhibit will showcase 40 outfits from the fateful collection, all of which reference, “a painful and shameful period in French history,” according to Blouin. The collection was made based on the outfits worn by those known to associate with the Nazis––in particular, French women of the era––and was criticized by Eugenia Sheppard as “truly hideous”.

The exhibit will be comprised of archival photos, clothing, films, magazine editorials, and film footage of the entire line, and will be on display until July 19.
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