86-Year-Old Baddie Winkle is a Dimepiece

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If you haven’t heard of Baddie Winkle, you probably live under a rock. Baddie Winkle––birth name Helen Ruth Van Winkle––is an 86-year-old internet queen that smokes weed everyday and will steal your man while doing it. Now, the baddest G-ma of them all has just been tapped as Dimepiece’s new It girl for a collaboration called #StateofWinkle.

Queen Winkle was shot by photographer Nikko La Mere and appears in the LA-based brand’s swimwear collection. Dimepiece wrote about the collaboration, “Instagram sensation Baddie Winkle teams up with DimepieceLA to prove, once again, that you’re never too old to be the baddest bish in the room,” and one look at the photos does just that.

See the campaign images in the gallery above!
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