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Maurizio Von Trapp is a London-based director and producer, having done extensive work for Fashion One, including original series Fashion One Correspondent Search: London Edition, Style Wars, Stefanie’s Style Diaries and Dining with Style. He is also a self-proclaimed film enthusiast, and an avid critic of cinema, having attended the prestigious Cannes, Berlin and London film festivals for a number of years. He is also a firm believer that fashion and film should walk hand-in-hand, the former to best enhance the storytelling of the latter. His favourite films include Marie Antoinette, Moulin Rouge, Juliette of the Spirits and Dangerous Liaisons.

Oct 21
3:45 AM
Girl Power at the London Film Festival
Girl Power at the London Film Festival
At this year’s London Film Festival, one couldn’t but notice the abundance of female portraiture throughout the programme, both in the shape of characters and filmmakers (which, in 2014, is still surprisingly a novelty). What with the festival being run...