Bebe Pham is Lady Coco

Mick Gleissner points his lens at Vietnamese model Bebe Pham in this Lady Coco Hong Kong shoot. The model is initially seen wearing a lightweight dress with a Chinese-inspired color scheme in bright red and golden hues. The stylish motif is made complete with high, dark brown boots and matching leather gloves that give a tough veneer to Pham’s feminine figure and facial expressions.

Boots are then replaced by sandals, playing well with a clothing change to a pink-shirt-and-bow-tie ensemble with black pants shot before Hong Kong’s famous skyline. The leather gloves remain, and continue to offer a bad-girl look despite Pham being pretty in pink—further accentuated as she slowly puffs upon a cigarette.

Finally, we see Pham in a sleeveless black top and white baggy summer pants that pair with a sporty jacket stripped along the sleeves. The shoot then goes from studio to streets, where passersby are justifiably distracted by Pham’s presence.

Gleissner is also a pioneering underwater photographer—and it’s never sure whether his shots will be taken alongside a shoreline or submerged under the surface of the sea.

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