Gaugin Art Shimmers: Rimondi Milan Womens Spring/Summer 2014

Aquilano Rimondi shares so many of Gaugin’s design philosophies that it’s a wonder why the poet-artist hasn’t been incorporated into the Italian designer’s work before. Rimondi’s trademark high-volume shoulders and svelte midriff cuts all work to the flattery of the wearer—something Gaugin’s paintings also express as they revel in the strength and femininity of the women of Tahiti.

Rimondi channels this shared belief with patterns of Gaugin art carefully sewn into Mikado silk fabrics, selecting a palette of earthy tones flushed with jewel-like turquoise and blue—what Rimondi describes as “poetic colors.” The glossy fabrics convey the sense of a carefully preserved work of art, fit to drape the shoulders of anyone who aims to embody the same values.

Compared to previous collections, Rimondi has proclaimed this season more “wearable and clean.” With a collection of T-shirts based on these designs, the intention is clear, but the ambition is no less lofty: the materials remain firmly in the realm of silks and printed Mikado, with a stated aim to “transform a T-shirt into something luxurious.”

Considering Gaugin ran from success to find his tropical escape, it would be interesting to know what he’d make of this use of his work. But if one thing is certain, the attempt to bring luxury and high art to the masses is noble indeed.

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