Get in the Ring: Thom Browne Milan Menswear Autumn/Winter 2014-15

When a fashion show is assembled in a colosseum-like venue, with a boxing ring in center stage and the Rocky theme as the opening music, you are left with no doubt as to the premise of the day. Designer Thom Browne’s turn to boxing as his muse brings a fun, colorful and naturally sporty array of wears—an impeccable matchup for the famous red, white and blue of the Moncler. The other Browne calling card of Browne—the Glen plaid pattern—looks utterly comfortable as a clean layer beneath high-waisted trunks.

The flowing, decorated robes aspire to capture the kinetic energy of a boxing champ’s entrance into the ring, made all the more authentic by lace-up boots. And yet the pugilistic theme is both opaque and subtle: the lacings from boxing gloves are given a new purpose here, holding shirts and trousers together.

More casual “after-game” wear is also represented here, presented in a more subdued grey palette and in collared oxfords, seersucker fabric and summer tweeds, with rep ties to match—perfectly encapsulating the preppy look.

Thom Browne has carved out a niche in turning sports into fashion lines, and his boxing incarnation is an indubitable champ. Even the replacement of the obligatory black eye with the Moncler tricolor is a genius touch.

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