J Model Management Summer Fashion Show 2014

Host Jessica Mazo takes us through the J Summer Fashion show, the first catwalk to be hosted at the newly completed One World Trade Center in New York.

Jessica Min Anh, founder of J Model Management, said: “It feels extremely surreal, and I am very honored. It is such an amazing opportunity we have here to be able to represent different cultures from all around the world and bring them all together to the new One World Trade Center and show everyone that it’s filled with positivity and growth and the rise of the new generation.” Anh is no stranger to using iconic locations for her shows, having previously employed even the Grand Canyon as a backdrop.

Designers featured in the showcase included Ziad Nakad and his gorgeous gowns, Diego Cortizas and Laura Fontan for Chula, Raisa Corina and Sarah Callista from Indonesian brand HAY United, Puey Quinones, Reshma Riyaz Ganji and Cat Footwear.

Indian designer Reshma Ganji—whose designs combine a contemporary look with traditional materials—said she had taken her inspiration for this collection from many of the feelings surrounding the tragedy of the World Trade Center in 2001. This can be seen in the color palette of black, white and red. “Black is connected more to grief and mourning,” she explained. “We’ve started with black: we’ve gone through a piece, and then a rejuvenation—like the building coming up itself, life resuming. So we’ve gone from black to white to red.”

Summing up the show was designer Puey Quinones, who made heavy use of feathers in her designs, with silhouettes inspired by traditional costumes from her native Philippines. She said she believed the purpose of the show was to promote peace, and with the dove as the classic international symbol, the avian choice was clear.

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