Lucy Hale for Hollister Autumn 2014

American lifestyle brand Hollister has collaborated with Pretty Little Liars actress Lucy Hale for its autumn 2014 collection, which is set to hit the shelves later this month.

To the delight of her adoring fans, Hale made a personal appearance at the launch of the collection at the Hollister store at Westfield Century City Mall in Los Angeles.

“Collaborating with Hollister was very fun, and easier than I thought it would be,” she told Fashion One. “They’re such a lovely company to work with, and they probably did all of the hard work, obviously, but they really wanted my input.” Based on her own laid-back personal style—rather than the dark colors and edgy style for which her Pretty Little Liars character, Aria Montgomery, is known and loved—and the popular, easygoing Southern California vibe, this is a limited edition collaboration, and all of the pieces are expected to fly off the shelves.

The actress was thrilled to be part of the event. “I’m always blown away when I meet people, to see people standing in line to meet me. I still can’t fully wrap my head around why they want to, but it’s great—it’s awesome! I definitely feel the love wherever I go.” This was reflected in her fans on the day, many of whom were already wearing pieces from the collection, eager for the chance to snatch a photo with their icon.

With her first successful attempt at fashion design in hand, the American actress and singer has one more skill on her résumé, and is bound to get a lot busier in the months ahead.
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