Walking Art: Fred Sathal Paris Haute Couture Autumn/Winter 2014-15

After her self-imposed retirement from the fashion industry in 2006, designer Fred Sathal’s return to the world of fashion design was a highly anticipated one. Her haute couture collection for Autumn/Winter 2014-15, entitled “Journey Through the Folds of the Soul,” pulls from her extensive knowledge of art and costuming to create a whimsical and intriguing spectacle.

The detail in this collection is remarkable, with embroidery, sequins, glitter, decorative threading, sparkling tassels and a variety of colors bringing the viewer indelibly into Sathal’s mind. The flowing, shimmering fabrics and attention given to the most minute detailing makes each piece a visual feast that needs to be seen more than once to catch all of its subtleties. This is a feminine and diverse collection, with jumpers, dresses and top/bottom combinations in a variety of colors and fabrics, with perhaps the most remarkable piece being a jacket made entirely of fox tails.

Many of the pieces have had rough holes cut into the fabric, which are then embroidered in white or black, reminding the viewer that the clothing has soul deeper than what can be seen from the outside.

Full of fanciful romanticism, each piece is a unique and beautiful work of art that need to be seen in motion to be fully appreciated. Sathal is well returned, leaving only one question behind: What can we expect to see next season?
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