Christophe Robin Packs the Perfect Suitcase for Spring Summer 2014

Famous French colorist-designer with a bevy of celebrity clients Christophe Robin reveals the contents of his suitcase containing the perfect products ideal for a summer holiday.

“When I go on holiday, my wardrobe is very simple, and I only pack a pair of flip-flops, shorts, and three T-shirts so I’m totally relaxed,” he revealed. “I hate getting dressed up. I would rather be wearing nothing at all! So when I’m in the sun, I barely get dressed.” Sunscreen clogs up his pores and leads to breakouts, so his favorite product to bring along is Joël Ciocco’s emulsifying cream, which he claims is a great alternative for taking off sunblock.

He was also full of raptures about his new rejuvenating balm, which has a fig oil base and acts as a multipurpose product, taking away any redness caused by overexposure to the sun within an hour. It can also be used on hands and feet.

His secret for long-haul flights is Japanese face masks. He swears by them for much-needed hydration and also to stave off catching germs. He also showed a lot of love for fellow designer John Galliano’s gift of an air spray that can be spritzed around the neck. “It makes such a difference,” he enthuses.

Although he claims to never eat on planes, even if the journey is a long one, he always makes sure to drink lots of water and sleep for as long as possible so he is ready to go to work as soon as he lands.

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