All The Colors of Summer: Colors Womenswear Trends Spring/Summer 2014

Fashion is constantly evolving and mutating. Every season, new color trends emerge to transform and subvert our expectations.

For summer, white—resplendent, pure and the ultimate color for hot bright days —reappears to flood our wardrobes with its light. Pink is featured heavily in a variety of shades and strengths from sugary tones like candy floss and powder to more dominant but still feminine and youthful cherry colors. Christopher Bailey, creative director of Burberry Prorsum, likened the Spring/Summer collection to a vibrant English rose garden. In the Burberry Prorsum collection we witnessed a sea of pinks and whites, alongside blossoming mauve and purple tones which combine with accents of stronger scarlet to create a color range that simultaneously evokes feelings of fragility and strength.

Gold made strong appearances on the runway to brighten even the darkest of wardrobes. Lamé, brocade, lurex and metallic effects were used to dazzling effect. Gold was used for entire outfits as well as small, detailed touches, such as when it was sequined and cast in various resplendent shades. For designer Sophie Albou of Paul & Joe, gold is used to impart a sense of sophistication and elegance—but the gold is rendered in faded form, so it does not overwhelm the garment or appear garish. In the world of Alber Elvaz designer for Lanvin, gold is an antidote to any gloomy aspects of life. Careful to make clothing that is not too “bling-bling” or ostentatious, he delights in the bright shiny qualities of the color. Throughout his work process he uses these gleaming qualities to create beautiful accents and a gentle luxurious atmosphere.

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